Looking for deeper guidance?

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Nutrition Consultations

These sessions are designed to formulate a personalized nutrition program for you. This will involve suggestions for cleaning out your internal environment, healing any issues and then figuring out a way of eating healthfully that you will be able to stick with. You will also learn to evolve your eating style to meet your needs as they change over time.

Initial (1hr) - $150

Follow Ups

60min - $125

30min - $75



Life Coaching

These sessions allow you to tell me about your life (your story ) and then I apply my intuitive skills and knowledge gained from personal experiences (my story) to help you reframe and/or rewrite that story. The intent is to create a new narrative that will better serve you going forward.

60min - $125

30min - $75


Lifestyle Design

This is a combined nutrition/life-coaching session that uses the decisions made when cleaning up your diet and reclaiming your health as the model for learning to make better choices in your life. As within…..so without.

Initial (60-75min) - $175

Follow Ups (1hr) - $150

Story Telling

I teach you how to make things up and have them come true anyway. ;)

1hr - $100